Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And a paycheck!

Good news! 't Stekske pupils have raised money in supporting our education project in Rwanda. The news featured in Het Belang Van Lommel, follow to read (in dutch). 
Our education project is helping children from poor families in Rwanda overcome barriers of enrolling into schools. While doing this we are constantly encouraging more girls enroll in schools because it delays the age at which girls in the villages get married off as well as the onset of childbearing. 
We believe in education particularly of girls will have an impact on improving their livelihood and they can grow up into responsible citizens of their country.."If you educate a girl, you educate the nation".  This donation has come in time when it was needed and shows that not only the teachers of the school but also parents of these children in Lommel realise the importance of contributing to someones' else future. We are always looking out there for more support like this and therefore a big thank you to 't Stekske! For more information about this project visit our website.


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