Monday, March 31, 2014

One girl at a time

This is a story, a journey of a young woman, who for good reasons is capturing the attention because she is the "most" educated individual of her village. 
Josephine is one of the girls we are helping to attend secondary education through our project. Without our help and the financial support from her wonderful and loving sponsors, she would not make this. She remains the most senior beneficiary of our education programme which she has been on since 2009.

In two years, Josephine will graduate from a high school as an accountant. We believe that education will transform her life, and of those close to her to ameliorate. We are convinced that this way we are aiding her in finding a long term solution for her future life. We cant thank enough everyone who is part of this project.

According to Josephine, growing up with her entrepreneurial parents has influenced her to study accounting courses. 

Her parents work hard daily to earn a living, but they can only feed their family and nothing extra. Sometimes her family can eat only once a day. That is why we are assisting her into the boarding school so that she can live on-campus, and get sufficient water, electricity, meals and a comfortable bed. And above all, she gets education. All these comes at a cost. A cost which families of the village cannot afford themselves. Our non profit with the help of various individual donors, we are able to make this an achievable goal. We are always thankful for the trust and money sponsors put into this project.

Josephine's education level is the highest compared to every person who lives in her village. Her family, her village members and ourselves, we are all delighted with her current status. 

 We are encouraging her to go further with her studies, and  we will assist her in every possible way to meet what she has always aspired. That said, it is sad that other girls who are within the same age range as Josephine, and who did not have a chance like hers, are mothering two or three children. This makes the life of these poor, uneducated and jobless young mothers more precarious. For those reasons we are engaged with this community to prevent this if we can.

 Not only is Josephine seen as an important person within her tiny disadvantaged community, but also the general local authorities around her village acknowledges her worth. Recently, Josephine was nominated and supported to run the youth social welfare programme of neighbourhood
. It is a volunteer work for her but it is an indication that more good opportunities are yet to come for her.


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