Saturday, December 28, 2013

The first EDUBWIZA Open day

On December 22, 2013 we organised an open day. It was the first since 2010 when we started functioning as a nonprofit. We are thanking everybody who showed up for this information sharing and socialising afternoon with us. Our team genuinely appreciates everyone's contribution. 

Supporter's assistance continues to play an important role in helping women, children and men whom we work with in Rwanda. We definitely would not have achieved much without them.

During the open day we held discussions with sponsors of children who are on our education programme in Rwanda. Supporters donate money to our EDUBWIZA programme, then we send every eligible needing child from the Cyaruzinge - village, in Rwanda in schools.

 The discussions were amicable and constructive. We learned so much from each other. It was one of those moments you feel inspired to continue helping needy people... We are definitely not giving up on these people, we will keep pushing.

Although many challenges still exist in each home within the locality where we work, we continue taking baby-steps at a time, starting small and funding low-cost projects. 

In addition to the EDUBWIZA programme, we further assist the entire village members subscribe to the Mutuelle de sante. This health insurance policy by the Rwandan government plays a major role in bringing health care to the poor. 

Due to the approaches we use and the two projects we are implementing in this particular community, we are getting encouraging feedback and impressive results. Besides beneficiaries of our programmes are showing positive changes. Moreover, children are going to school and the beneficiary members of the entire group look healthier than earlier.  We are happy with achievements gained so far, but it could be better!

We pride ourselves to use the little means at hand in a cost-effective way. Frankly, we are not going to solve every issue affecting people we are working with. But for sure we can prove that our service is reaching the intended people and delivering positive results. We believe that our collaboration with this community is helping them craft a future they wish for themselves. 

In the past we have relied on word of mouth to market ourselves. But after this day's experience we realise open days are alternatives to market our work. We will plan many more in future.


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